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Here's an earthquake crossword puzzle. Use the following site to find answers and get clues from the earthquake information located there.

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1 - Approximately 300,000 people will be forced from their _____ should a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake occur on the Hayward fault.
6 - One of the key ways to design a building to resist earthquakes is to connect, or ___, it together.
7 - When the ground shakes, it is better to take cover under a _____ than stand.
8 - When engineers first started to worry about earthquake shaking, they drew on their experiences in designing buildings to resist _____.
13 - Always wear _____ on your feet when groping around at night after an earthquake to avoid getting cut by shards of glass.
16 - Breaks in the earth's crust called ____ are the source of earthquakes in the Bay Area.
17 - Put a battery-operated flash ____ in your earthquake supply kit.
18 - There is at least a ___ in three chance of a magnitude 7 or larger earthquake in the Bay Area in the next 30 years.
19 - The American ___ Cross is charged with coordinating shelter and feeding after earthquakes.
20 - Use common, not box, ____ to attach plywood to the outside wall of the crawl space.
21 - Be sure and have a battery-operated _____ for listening to emergency communications broadcasts after a major earthquake.
22 - _____ your home's foundation sill plate (mud sill) to its foundation.
26 - It's important to focus on planning for an earthquake ahead of time, or _____ (slang).
28 - The most common type of fault in the Bay Area is a strike-_____ fault, where one side of the fault moves past the other.
30 - The longest and most famous of these faults in the Bay Area is the ___ _______ (two words) fault, the source of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
32 - It is important not to _______, even if the ground shakes!
34 - Some businesses apply to this U.S. agency for low-interest loans following disasters such as earthquakes (initials).
35 - The Loma Prieta earth _____ occurred on the 17th of October, 1989.
36 - Be _____ for our next earthquake by having phone contacts established ahead of time.
37 - Most damage in earthquakes is caused by ground _________.
39 - Go ______ a desk or table when you feel the ground start to shake!
41 - Sometimes, earthquakes can trigger land _____ on hillsides.
44 - The Governor's ___ (initials) is the emergency response arm for California.
46 - Both the Kobe and _________ earthquakes occurred on January 17th!
47 - Learn to stop, ____, and hold.
48 - People too scared or unable to stay in their homes may end up sleeping in ____ cities.

2 - Liquefaction can occur if loose and water-saturated ____ is shaken in an earthquake.
3 - Take classes in _____ aid so that you can help injured family, friends and co-workers.
4 - The fault which runs along the Hwy. 680 corridor in central Alameda County is the _______ fault.
5 - This federal agency is the federal government's emergency response agency (initials).
8 - It is very important to strap your home's ___________ to the wall so that it won't fall over, breaking the gas line and perhaps starting a fire (two words).
9 - As scouts say, " __ Prepared."
10 - The shaking is amplified the higher up one goes in a building; equipment on _____ is particularly susceptible to damage if not properly tied down.
11 - The most important word in real estate is "location," while the most important word in home and apartment retrofit is "_______" (a building material).
12 - In general, the ___ of homes is important in predicting earthquake damage; homes built prior to World War II can have problems.
14 - Latches need to be installed on cabinet doors or they will swing _____ and dishes or chemicals can fall.
15 - The Concord-Green Valley fault is a ____- slip fault.
16 - Put canned or dried ____ in your earthquake supplies.
23 - The tops were snapped off redwood ____ in the Loma Prieta earthquake.
24 - Don't shut off ____ unless you smell it; utility crews may take weeks to relight pilots.
25 - The most dangerous fault in the Bay Area runs along the densely populated eastern side of the Bay, the ______ fault.
27 - Apartment buildings with tucked-under _____ or a full floor of (same word) are more likely to be damaged than those without (same word).
29 - People have no ____ that the ground can shake so hard that they are thrown out of bed.
31 - Earth ______ happen less frequently in California than Alaska!
32 - Another type of fault less common in the Bay Area is a _____ fault, where ground on one side moves up and over ground on the other.
33 - If you are not prepared, you have only yourself to _____.
38 - There is a real ____ in the Bay Area of earthquakes.
40 - Many ____ and highways will be closed temporarily after future Bay Area earthquakes.
42 - Preparedness can only make a ____ in the earthquake problem; it is also important to take action to correct those problems.
43 - ___ through chemicals in your garage and keep them on shelves with lips so they don't fall during an earthquake.
45 - Many problems after an earthquake ____ from people denying that we live in earthquake country.

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